Two answers for you here. Follow which ever one suits your path.

Two answers for you here. Follow which ever one suits your path.


Realize that the only reason to pay interest on anything is if the return pays a higher percentage. A car does not qualify unless you are a professional driver and it is part of your business expenditures.

Get a credit card, don’t sweat the interest too much because it will be bad. Skip anything that requires a yearly fee. Use it only for what you have the cash to cover and pay it off completely every month. If you get one with points, bank them against your payment and still only use if for what you can pay off every month without points, and you are getting paid to use credit with no expense. Built your credit history!

For transportation now, pick up a zip car when it’s necessary, carpool and pitch in for gas, ride a bike, take the train. Pay yourself $300 a month into a savings acount you can touch easily. Cheap car, cheap insurance, and gas will easily put you over that amount. Once you saved enough to get a car, buy a certified pre owned one as it will have a warranty and will have already taken a big depriciation hit before you buy. Hold back $2k shy of what ypu saved, Finance about $1000 of it and pay it off in the first payment. Keep the extra grand in the savings acount and start making payments to yourself again for your next car in 5 or more years.

The extra grand you kept is to help reduce the shock of droppin gb that whole nest egg and seeing an empty account. Plus it’s always good to have an emergency fund!


Here’s where I can get a loan with no credit check, and you can too: The Internet! It’s the first place to look for ANYTHING you need that doesn’t fit a standard approach, or that you need as cheaply as possible. You can get a regular loan at your bank easily, but a specialist loan (for when you don’t qualify at your bank because you suck at paying bills) can be hard to find unless you look online.

A lot of loan sharks take advantage of this, so unless you know what you’re doing you might end up in a worse situation with more debt. I use a no credit check loans review site to find lenders who will lend to me and help me get out of debt and into better credit standing. I had a patchy credit score due to my running my own business and having an irregular income and recovering from previous debt. Thy review lenders who give loans to people who can’t borrow anywhere else because they don’t qualify for whatever reason. You can get a no credit check loan from a lender with a good reputation and save yourself any more costs. You can pick from emergency loans or large installment loans- because they are lenders who don’t prey on misfortune you can borrow with low costs and heal your credit record at the same time.

In the USA, you can fill out the FAFSA forms and borrow from the Federal government. No credit score required. However, you MUST pay back a Federal Loan.

There are limits on the amount you can borrow each year from the US Federal government, see the Q&A here:

If you wish to get a Private student loan and you have bad or no credit rating, then you will need to coerce a family member or very close friend into co-signing for that loan. By co-signing, they are guaranteeing that they will pay off the loan if you can not.

All the best.


You may get a personal loan without a cosigner. But, you are not going to be able to get the loan without credit. Many lending institutions require a credit score of at least 750 to approve the personal loan application. You can look up the different ways to improve your credit score before applying for a loan.

Also, if you are salaried and have no history of loans, your CIBIL score may show NH or NA. You might still be able to get a credit card.

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