How to get a loan with bad credit in united kingdom?

A low or ‘bad’ credit score does not mean the end of the road if you’re looking to avail of a personal loan. Yes, it may be difficult, with the terms and conditions may not be optimal (with regards to the interest rate, for instance) but typically, a lender will not reject a loan application based solely on the credit score.

But yes – ‘bad’ credit is a relative term. For a personal loan application to be approved, remember that your score cannot be such that you are nearing bankruptcy on account of already existing outstanding loan amounts. In such instances, it may be prudent to repair your credit score before you apply for a loan. If your score however is skimming the average, let’s see how you can still get a loan:

1. Firstly, ascertain your score by calling for a copy of your credit information report from any of the four credit bureaus operational in India today. Once you know your score, it will give you an indication of how to move forward. Typically, a score of 750 is considered to be good by lenders.

2. If your score is 500 for instance, chances that you will be required to pay a rate of interest significantly higher than the standard are very likely, as the score is considered to be low.

3. A score slightly higher, say closer to 600 may just reduce the interest rate burden, but possibly not enough to give much relief. Hence as you can see, your score plays a significant role in the loan underwriting process.

However, before you decide to go ahead with the loan you are being offered, consider improving on your credit score. While this is a process that requires financial discipline and painstaking effort, given time you will be able to improve your score. If the task seems onerous consider speaking to a trained counsellor at a credit health management company who would work with you to better the score.

Tips to improve your credit score:

Make timely repayments towards any outstanding, both credit card payments and existing loan obligations.

Apply for fresh credit only if needed.

Be judicious with your credit card spends and do not maximise your credit utilisation limit.

Factors to consider:

The fact that your credit score is low speaks volumes in itself. Does this mean that you do have a capacity to repay any further debt (a personal loan) you apply for? Will you be able to make payments on time and as per schedule? What is the reason for the low score to begin with, and have you taken steps to rectify it? If you are unsure of answers to these questions, consider working on your score prior to applying for a fresh line of credit.


Is it possible to get a small business loan with bad credit?

If you’re having trouble getting approved for a business loan because of your poor credit you might want to consider a secured loan. A secured loan requires you to put up some type of collateral, typically this can be an asset that your currently own.

Here are my reviews of credit repair expert that offer repair for bad credit to get a loan

I just let you know, your credit determines how much trust you are worth, it helps to separate the good from the bad ones and it helps to get a loan no matter how small or big business you are running.

I used to have a bad credit early or my 20s i was quite careless, i barley paid back earlier,i often used 90% of my available credit; these things take a patient workings months with the help of Justin Johnson to get removed.

This ruined my credit, that i can’t be approved for a loan, it was damn low.

I came across information about what Justin Johnson who’s CEO creditrepairarena did to help thousands of people repair their bad credit.

So words cannot express how i feel when i contact Justin Johnson here on Quora through his business mail, he help me literally delated negative items especially that eviction and collection that messed my credit up and increased my credit score to 805. and i got approved for a loan.

I am truly grateful for what the creditrepairarena has done in my life in a months working with them, especially to the CEO Justin Johnson .

you can contact James Nazar here on Quora and talk to him about the problem on your credit.



Hell yeah!

But, it won’t be pretty and that should be accepted as credit is a reflection upon your commitments.

You need to accept a 19.99% + APR. They charge more interest on you because your credit shares a story that makes the bank think you won’t repay them. So, they up the interest to make money on your mistakes. If you get through it and pay it off, you’ll have a paid auto on your report and your next loan should have a better rate.

If you already have a repo, the interest will be determined the same, it just that doesn’t look good. And yes, you can still get a loan with a repo on your credit. There are ways. Even if you have bad credit with a paid auto, your interest will be determined the same.

It’s all about you making payments and I know people want a certain payment or vehicle, but they need to accept an approval first.

If someone with bad credit can get approved TAKE IT. Bad credit banks have steep guidelines on what it takes to get a loan. They only take certain years, miles, ect ect. While good credit bank will take whatever pretty much because they trust you due to your high credit. Meaning, if you have bad credit, dealerships will do whatever they can to figure out what they have can work for you. Meaning, you might not get what you want, but at least you can get something.

Bad credit stipulations in CA, (500miles radius in Sacramento personally) is:

  1. $1500–2000 a month income
  2. Must be making that for at least 3months
  3. Must have prove of that income
  4. Have around 20–30% down payment of the selling price. Ex: if the car you want is $8,999. Expect to be ask to put up to $2,699 down.

It’s possible. Most dealers just make it difficult because they want the easy sale. The easy credit to work with.

Plus, bad credit banks charge more money to help finance customers, sooooo…dealerships usually hate financing people with bad credit because it may not be worth it to them.


Bad credit banks usually don’t take cars more than 12yrs older or with more than 150k miles. Some do! Some deep subprime banks, but this depends on how bad the dealership wants to help you.

I’m just saying it’s possible. Even if you get cash as your income.

I can help. I sell and finance and feel I communicate well above most to see what I can do for you.


I’ve taken my score from 592 to 828.

Credit Building is truly simple, you just have to follow some guidelines.

Building credit is about becoming a responsible Bill Payer. Creditors reward people for paying their credit card bills on time (MEANING NEVER LATE OR SKIPPING OUT ON A BILL) Lenders want to know that you’re responsible and they will get there money back accordingly.

Here’s how to get your credit to the top.

Number one, you have to check your credit report for any derogatory marks. Are there any bills in collections? Pay them. You need to remove anything negative that would harm your score.

Number two, never miss a payment again. Always pay your bills on time, NEVER BE LATE.

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