Second, finding a good wrongful death attorney can be challenging, so it is definitely a process you want to take seriously.

The first and best way to find a lawyer is to ask. If you have friends or family who have had occasion to retain a personal injury, ask if the person was good. Even better if you know a lawyer, ask her who she would hire if she needed a wrongful death lawyer. Lawyers know who the good lawyers are in their town, or can find out with a couple of phone calls.

Yes, look on Avvo, call your bar association, look on Martindale. On Avvo, look and see if anyone from the firm answers questions and what you think of how he presents himself. It may not be your lawyer who answers the questions, but it will tell you something about the people at the firm. Search on Google for “wrongful death attorney geographic area.” Take a look at some of the firms.

Make certain, and I mean 100% certain, that the lawyer has handled your kind of wrongful death case before. This means if the person died due to medical malpractice, you don’t so much need a wrongful death lawyer as a medical malpractice lawyer. You do not want someone who handles car accident cases to take on what is really a medical malpractice case. If it is a car accident death, you want someone who has handled car accident wrongful death cases. So look at the firm’s site and see if the lawyers handle your kind of case.

Look at the reviews online. Even if the law firm’s site has reviews and they are controlled, they are likely honest and you can at least get a sense of what some of their positive results have been. Off website reviews are better, since the firm cannot control them.

Talk to at least three firms. Ask the person you talk to how much experience the firm has in handling your specific kind of case. Who litigates the cases? How much experience does s/he have generally and in this kind of case. Don’t worry about asking what the case is worth. Any lawyer worth his salt won’t be able to tell you what the case is worth for a while. If someone starts throwing figures at you before he can possibly know, run, don’t walk.

Ask what percentage the firm will charge. Most of the time you are looking at 40% plus costs, though it varies by state requirements. Ask if you will be required to pay costs if you lose. Some states require this, some states don’t. If it is an option, obviously, you don’t want to have to pay costs if you lose.

Ask how the firm stays in touch with its clients. It is critical you find a firm that will communicate with you. A good firm will contact you at least once a month or so, even if nothing is going on. Ask how often they return calls or emails. They will all tell you right away, but try to judge if that is true. Ask the person how long these cases take. If the person tells you he will settle quickly, run, don’t walk. These cases take years.

Ask if the firm will take your case to trial if it needs to get tried, or if it will refer your case out. If it tells you it will refer your case out or tries to avoid answering the question, run, don’t walk. You want your case in a litigator’s hands from day one. And you want a litigator with experience. Not someone a couple of years out of law school. Personally, I would want 10 or 15 years, minimum. And by that I mean someone who has taken cases to jury verdict. It is fine if other lawyers assist, but the guy in charge needs to be experienced.

Make sure you are comfortable with the lawyer. That you feel good with the firm. That you feel respected and listened to and not rushed.

You have to trust the firm you hire so you feel comfortable leaving it to handle your case. Your life cannot stop while your case is moving along, and you need to be comfortable that someone else is handling everything and won’t drop the ball.


Despite popular misconceptions, wrongful death is not the cause of someone’s death. Instead, it refers to a legal action that seeks payment for all damages resulting from the loss of a loved one. These damages refer not only to financial losses but also emotional and medical costs.

Talk to a wrongful death attorney in Gainesville GA about your case and find out if you have grounds for filing such action by getting answers straight from these personal injury lawyers about what can be done following a loved one’s sudden loss. They will help walk you through the entire process so that you feel comfortable and prepared throughout any potential litigation proceedings against those who may be at fault.


Wrongful death can be very torturous for the family, both emotionally and financially. With the grief of losing the loved ones, you can face financial problems including debt, medical bills, funeral costs, and so on. In this situation, you may need to hire an attorney to file the wrongful death claim which can drastically reduce the financial burden.

Hiring a wrongful death attorney shouldn’t be done in a hurry. First of all, you need to research and find the attorney practicing in the field and note the names of the attorneys who you think can help you with the case. After that, you can interview each one of them so that you can make a good decision based on the interview.

Here are some of the question you may ask while consulting with a wrongful death attorney:

Although wrongful death case falls under personal injury, not all personal injury attorney practice wrongful death cases. It is a very complicated area of a personal injury lawsuit. So, you need to hire an attorney with vast experience in wrongful death cases.

Learn about the number of wrongful death cases they have handled. How many cases did they win? Are they devoted to this area of the law? Having an experienced attorney can efficiently evaluate the case and take appropriate measures to get the best outcome for you.


The duration of the case is unpredictable even for the experienced lawyers. But through their experience, they can give some approximate answer, but not the exact timeline. The timeline of the case depends on different factors including, details of the case, the difficulty level of the case, the number of witnesses involved and so on.


After the initial consultation, the attorney can tell you if it is worth going forward in the case regarding the details of the cases, and what they think about your case. Ask for the factor that can work for you or against you, and whether the detail that you provide can give you advantages of problems during the case. Also, talk about the monetary settlement that they estimate you could get, which will make it clear if it is worth going for.


As large law firms have many attorneys, paralegal, and supporting attorney, you should make sure who will be handling your case. You may be counseled by the senior attorney but he/she may not be handling your case. Keep that in mind.


Wrongful death cases are terribly difficult, typically involving a defective product, negligence, or medical malpractice. Depending upon the tactics your lawyer uses for your case will build or break the end result. Generally, you would like somebody who is going to be aggressive enough to secure the end result you want, nevertheless at the identical time, have the diplomacy of a master negotiant.
Remember that their approach might not essentially align together with your own personal feelings toward the case. raise them to elucidate their approach intimately while not material possession your emotions get within the approach of considering alternative ways.

These are the question that you must put forward during the consultation so that you can get the best attorney for your cases.

Furthermore, if you have lost your loved ones due to the negligence of others then you may contact the law offices of Sodoro Daly Shomaker PC LLO in Omaha for a strong legal representation for you in the courtroom. With years of experience, they know how to handle the wrongful death cases and provide you with the best outcome possible.

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